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Venice Biennale

May 30, 2008

“Gustafson Porter has been commissioned to create a landscape installation at this year’s Venice Biennale.

The appointment of the London-based firm, which designed the Diana Memorial in Kensington Gardens, marks the first time in the biennale’s 11-year history that a major landscape installation will be featured.

Neil Porter, director of Gustafson Porter – which has been appointed in Venice alongside its Seattle-based sister company Gustafson Guthrie Nichol – said: ‘Landscape architecture is a greatly neglected subject from a curatorial point of view, so we are hugely excited by the opportunity of engaging with visitors at the biennale.’

The installation, called Towards Paradise, will be sited at the end of the Arsenale, within the overgrown grounds of the former Church of the Virgins, a Benedictine nunnery that was destroyed in the late 1800s.

The garden will have five main spaces, with zones dedicated to ‘reflection, commemoration, conversation, contemplation and enlightenment’.

According to Porter, Towards Paradise will ‘take the visitor on a journey through earthly dilemmas, passing from life to death and towards paradise’.”

SOURCE– Architects’ Journal


kingston gateway phase 1

May 10, 2008




Kingston Gateway Phase II

May 10, 2008


Kingston Gateway Phase III

May 10, 2008

Guerilla Gardening

April 15, 2008

In the arty realm of Old Street the guerilla gardeners attacked. The neglected patch of earth never stood a chance, in a flurry of activity the space was cleared and the planting began.

guerilla gardening london

First some box, then the ivy finished off with scattered seeds left like time bombs just waiting for the right trigger.

London Open City @ Somerset House

March 31, 2008

Wow! This exhibition was truly fantastic, both content and media/exhibition design were brilliant.  The focus was on how do we use our city and how could our use of it be more efficient and fun? Blurring the boundaries between landscape architecture, planning and architecture . . . just as it should be.

A combination of existing and future, looking at sites within their context not just focusing on flagship buildings. However it was the media used to present the work that made the exhibition stand out from many others.

The seductive graphics of individual projects were sat in a consistent cohesive whole. Using everything from animation, reflection, entire walls, in fact entire rooms, films projected onto circular tables and also creating spaces within spaces by constructing wooden huts even the floor was carefully considered. Creating a series of perfectly controlled and designed spaces.


Practice Visits

March 20, 2008

Martha Schwartz Inc, The office, located near Old Street, is spread over four floors the basement housing a video conferencing room, spare bedroom, ‘modeling area’ and materials libary which I found particularly impressive (it would be an interesting idea to set one up at Kingston?) I saw a couple of projects at various stages of completion unfortunately it was only a brief visit as Becs had to go but well worth it. An interesting insight into the working space of an international practice,  visiting such a prestigious practice was I admit fairly intimidating!

McFarlane Wilder some really interesting projects (wembly regeneration above) I especially enjoyed being talked through a series of on site photos for one of the projects right from concept to completion.

The Stone Show @ excel

March 16, 2008

The natural stone show was a great opportunity to get detailed information and advise on some of the materials we use as landscape architects. Events like fantastic because unlike resources such as the internet and books trade shows allow you to communicate face to face with the people who theoretically should know the most about their products.

City Scape

March 2, 2008

I attended Cityscape again this year, which took place at Earls Court along side Ecobuild and Futurebuild. This year I was representing SLIC so did not see as much of the exhibition as I would have liked but our stand was popular, attracting conference goers with the array of student work that we were exhibiting. Visitors came from many different disciplines and were generally very interesting and enthusiastic, although most were perplexed by the fact that we weren’t really selling anything!

Landscape within Architecture

February 20, 2008

Soil – ceramic tile inspired by the topography of Toolo Bay (Helsinki)

via moco loco

I know this is bit of a tangent from the source of this post but it did fuel my imagination!

Landscape within architecture: What are the possibilities? Interior design has become interior architecture so why shouldn’t there be interior landscape? A new discipline for the design world, conjuring images of living spaces that grow or erode, evolution from structures that decay

Architecture has begun to explore these concepts ; why shouldn’t interior do the same?

Architect Mitchell Joachim with his living tree houses presents one possible realisation of living, breathing, growing design. (interested? more info and video over at inhabitat)

living tree house

January 25, 2008

There was a young man at Nunhead

Who awoke in his coffin of lead;‘It is cosy enough’;

He remarked, in a huff

‘But I wasn’t aware I was dead’ 


 A limerick I came across while researching Victorian cemeteries!

Landscape Podcasts

January 9, 2008

The LI website has a number of recording from the LI Colloquium 2007 in the form of podcasts.

Speakers include:  John Hopkins, Martha Schwartz, Jason Prior, Terry Farrell and our very own Pat Brown!


Manage the Mundane – Create the Extraordinary

December 29, 2007


LINK – to free e-book

or go to his blog

I found this on the digg i think, it has been sitting unread for over a month so my memory has failed me. It’s discovery the result of more net trawling aka ‘procrastination’.

Anyway the idea of time management for creatives caught my eye and although written for professionals I have found it inspiring and am resolved to improve my time management and organise my work to try and achieve more. (more than likely just a momentary state!)

Productivity and procrastination are two of my greatest problems and after a semester of treading water to save from drowning I am willing to try just about anything to improve my flawed system of working.

I would recommend reading it – easy to absorb so not too taxing

Cemetery on a Sunday

December 18, 2007

Kensal Green cemetery, the first of the seven ‘Victorian Valhalla’s’ that encircle the City of London. The cemetery has a fasinating history unfortunately it is a shadow of it’s former glory mainly due to lack of funds. However time and degradation have given it a new identity, I imagine it is the stereotypical image that most people associate with cemeteries just on a much larger scale.

We were lucky enough to visit on a day when the normal tour conducted by volunteers extends to the catacombs which were interesting, beautiful if a little disturbing and definately a highlight of the visit! Unfortunately photography was prohited in the catacombs themselves.

kensal green cemetery

image source:

Flash Experiment, subtle sabotage:

December 15, 2007



December 15, 2007

Just some books I picked up this week; page layouts to london’s dead and all the ‘isms’ of the avant garde

MoreLondon revisited

December 14, 2007

more london

seasonal change and wear and tear

SLIC exhibition boards

November 6, 2007

This is a graphic I produced for the Landscape Institute conference student exhibition. The exhibition promoted the work from various accredited courses across the country.

I wanted the presentation of Kingston work to be a bit different!

Instead of using the work of just one or two people to represent the course I chose to use many different students work. Also including photos from various field trips to convey the experience as well as final product . . .

The collage of work was then dropped under a mask, a girls profile in silhouette, representing the Kingston students as a collective and next generation of designers.

(software: adobe indesign and illustrator)

L.I. Conference: climate change

November 4, 2007

The Landscape Institute conference was a fantastic experience especially as it was free! Definately a brillant opportunity for students as this year 30 places were paid for by the sponsers to allow students the oppportunity to attend this fantastic event.

The experience was a little overwhelming and certainly well worth it. For those not so good at taking notes in lectures the presentations were subquently uploaded to the L.I. website.

The focus of this years conference was climate change.  Speakers presented an enormous diversity of topics from ecotherpy to edible landscapes. Presenting shocking statistics and facts but overall conveying optimisism, ideas and inspiration pushing us to design in more sustainable ways.

Leaving me questioning why we are not putting more effort into be more innovative and forward thinking, I guess they make it sound easier than it really is!

An added bonus was the dinner on day one, which was great for networking. I admit I need to work on this skill! Didnt talk to as many professionals as I should have but had fun chatting to other students from around the country.

the hardy tree, london

It was nice to be in an environment where you arent having to explain landscape architecture every five minutes! And to finish the students were taken on a walk by the fabulous Tim Waterman through the Kings Cross area. The walk included Johh Nash, Cambly Nature Park, a peabody estate and my fav the Hardy Tree   All followed by a well deserved pint  (yes this year is driving me to drink!)

SLIC meet – Sheffield

October 30, 2007


Botanic Gardens


Peace Gardens


Millennium Square

Sheaf Square

Bungalows and Bears

Kew Library

October 30, 2007


Books and lots of them, investigating the most thrilling topic of chalkland ecology! However, the libraians are friendly and helpful and the silence makes it is a great place to study.


October 25, 2007


surreal, eerie and deserted – you can kind of imagine it being the setting for a David Lynch film.

‘If Kent is the Garden of England, Dungeness is the back gate’ – The New York Times

October 13, 2007

The interface studio

letters and numbers

My first Day @ Coe Design

July 2, 2007

Well, I think i’ve just about begun to breath again, man did i feel slow today but then i am the newbie!


April 5, 2007

Not specific but as we are constantly dealing with scale i thought it was quite fun.

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ReaD mE . .

March 31, 2007

Just some good advice i found:

 for source click me


March 29, 2007

Landscape gains the upper hand in the fight against architectural domination!!

Richmond Park

January 28, 2007

The largest of the eight royal parks, Richmond Park, on the boundary between suburbia and the city. It is inhabited by a mix of lycra clad cyclists and runners, many dog walkers, a constant stream of motor vehicles and somewhere in the background you might find some wildlife.

The Royal Parks call it London’s personal space, i found it hard to escape the ever present noise coming from the roads that criss-cross the ancient landscape.

October 8, 2006

‘Pretentious blather is a fairly significant problem for landscape architects as well as architects!’ . . .

(letters section of Landscape Architecture August 06)

just something that made me laugh!

Places to think

October 7, 2006

Why is it that if we want to think or work we find certain places more productive/inspirational than others? What qualities do these spaces possess that allow us to open up . .

there is spot right at the back of the journals section of the library, on the left by the window, with the sun filtering through the shutters casting shadows across the shelves. . . perfect