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Lean on Me

May 15, 2008
Leaning-molds are an innovative furniture wall-system created for public spaces where, instead of sitting, an individual can comfortably lean against it for support. It is composed of two molds made of recycled plastic that are identically shaped. These pieces fit together like a puzzle. Together, they can transform a space, creating infinite patterns. They can be used either individually or in a composition.

By Maruja Fuentes

via pan-dan


plates for planners!

May 9, 2008


city plates by notNeutral, (above is the New York design). Personally i’m not a fan of the design but would make for a great geeky gift!

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London Open City @ Somerset House

March 31, 2008

Wow! This exhibition was truly fantastic, both content and media/exhibition design were brilliant.  The focus was on how do we use our city and how could our use of it be more efficient and fun? Blurring the boundaries between landscape architecture, planning and architecture . . . just as it should be.

A combination of existing and future, looking at sites within their context not just focusing on flagship buildings. However it was the media used to present the work that made the exhibition stand out from many others.

The seductive graphics of individual projects were sat in a consistent cohesive whole. Using everything from animation, reflection, entire walls, in fact entire rooms, films projected onto circular tables and also creating spaces within spaces by constructing wooden huts even the floor was carefully considered. Creating a series of perfectly controlled and designed spaces.


Ton Matton @ RIBA

March 31, 2008

Surviving the Suburb: The Climate Machine

‘This installation explores the urban dwelling of the future. Described as ‘an optimistic research machine’, it presents possibilities for day-to-day city life transformed by climate change and continuing globalisation.  The elements exhibited include adaptations of familiar domestic objects like a ‘shitake’ kitchen sink with mushroom bed beneath, or other more speculative ‘white goods’ of the future such as an urban chicken house.  It is not climate change itself but how society reacts that is researched here: what effect will it have on how we live, on our urban structures and domestic space? ‘
description taken from RIBA website
Tom Matton describes his practice as situated ‘somewhere between object-design, society-shape, ecological city planning and artist-activism’ exploring ‘the small Utopias and interruptions of daily life’ and ‘connections between traditional countryside living and contemporary mega-city lifestyle.’ ‘

This installation left me somewhat underwhelmed; possibly due to a combination of insufficient information and location (the exhibit made me feel out of place almost an intruder and with half the info and explaination at floor level it was . . . ackward). However, there was a very likeable playful element to the designs.

London Lights

March 27, 2008

Recognize this intriguing globular cluster of stars? It’s actually the constellation of city lights surrounding London  (recorded by the International Space Station, February 2003). The fuzziness around the peripheries is caused by either thin, low clouds or perhaps fog.

The lights seen in this image especially the energy supplied to them is causing untold environmental damage to our planet . . . but its so pretty!


After posting this I went to Open City at Somerset House, and what should be the image used on one of the leaflets . . .

advertising at your feet

March 25, 2008

 Quirky advertising on zebra crossings for MTN Company

(via pan-dan)

Extreme Green Guerrillas

March 17, 2008

Another fantastic find by pruned

Definitely worth a look; fantastic concepts (if slightly bizarre) and graphically very appealing

. . . made me smile anyway


Wacom Graphire4 Tablet

March 13, 2008

New Toy!! This week I finally got round to buying a tablet. This should be a very useful tool for drawing in photoshop and illustrator . . so far so good!

stylish street furniture

March 7, 2008

The union bench by i do design via core77


The design on the bench allows flexible seating patterns; whether the user wishes to sit alone or interact with others, contempory and functional.

what is the solution?

February 11, 2008

Where we source our energy is a current and high priority issue; it is a topic I am fascinated by. All sources have pros and cons, how do we achieve a balance?

Im not saying this video is correct, I dont know enough to have an opinion but I do like the way it presents the information. Its apparant simplicity and inoffence graphics could easily sway your thoughts . . .

Battles – Tonto

January 10, 2008

‘A Battles collaboration with celebrated light artists UVA (United Visual Artists), produced by Warp Films (This Is England, Rubber Johnny, Dead Mans Shoes etc).’

UVA previously featured here (volume, installation at the Vand A)

Diagram Bench

December 22, 2007

 Diagram bench

Design:Clara Lindencrona & Karin Andersson for NOLA
Another tit bit from pan-dan


December 15, 2007

Just some books I picked up this week; page layouts to london’s dead and all the ‘isms’ of the avant garde

Design Museum, Jean Prouve

December 14, 2007

 A retrospective look at his achievements and life.

jean prouve

Great exhibition, visually stimulating and well laid out everything from furniture to architecture, an excellent insight into the life and work of one of the 20th century’s most influential designers.

‘The radical, functional and inspiring work of the French designer and engineer Jean Prouvé (1901 –1984) is shown in this first comprehensive overview of his work in the UK. With examples of his unique furniture design, architecture, drawings, film and photographs, the exhibition will present the enormous influence of Prouvé within the history of 20th Century design’

Kinetic Sculpture – Theo Jansen

December 6, 2007

December 6, 2007

 its a small world – air travel simplified (via strange maps)

Solar Lampion

December 2, 2007

Damian O’Sullivan’s prototype for a ‘solar lampion’

Inspired by organic structures such as pine cones and Chinese paper lampions.

Touch and RFID

November 7, 2007

Touch  – RFID as material in design, something i found quite interesting

SLIC exhibition boards

November 6, 2007

This is a graphic I produced for the Landscape Institute conference student exhibition. The exhibition promoted the work from various accredited courses across the country.

I wanted the presentation of Kingston work to be a bit different!

Instead of using the work of just one or two people to represent the course I chose to use many different students work. Also including photos from various field trips to convey the experience as well as final product . . .

The collage of work was then dropped under a mask, a girls profile in silhouette, representing the Kingston students as a collective and next generation of designers.

(software: adobe indesign and illustrator)

Future Labs Talk and Viewpoint clippings

October 31, 2007

Reading the present to predict the future. . .in the age of the individual I find it slightly depressing when we are grouped into statistics, labelled and analysed (which happens more often than I breath, I know, I’m not being naive just optimistic) However, Tuesdays talk by future labs was intense and for the most part fascinating.

What was great was that he was showing designs I was already aware of  . . .so I must be doing something right, and honestly its all down to the very thing I am writing now . . blogs. I love printed journals but on a day to day basis trawling through the plethora of design blogs out there is the fastest way to get up to the minute information from across the globe and across the disciplines.

One of my favourite designs (above) ‘divided’ by swedish designers Front

VIEWPOINT (journal, the Oct 07 issue) 

‘ . . . the new rules of retailing . . .’

‘. . . the LATTE factor . . .’

Essential read – looking at current and future trends , seductive graphics make it accessible even for those with a short concentration span. Food for the creative mind.

V+A Friday Late: Are you afraid of the dark

October 29, 2007

Touch disappointing as tickets to just about everything had been snatched up by 7pm, will be getting there early next time. However, the atmosphere as always was buzzing the entrance hall packed with people and filled with music from bizarre but fabulous djs! Something which looked really cool was being being photographed dead but i’m far too impatient to wait an hour or so in line.

White is the New White

October 25, 2007

One of my favourite topics – colour

 Article by Steven Heller (via swissmiss)

Love Life!

October 25, 2007

 heat sensitive wallpaper

Design and technology in perfect harmony, heat sensitive wallpaper by Graphic designer Shi Yuan. Certainly got my imagination going, oh the things you could hide in your wallpaper!

via neatorama

October 13, 2007

The interface studio

letters and numbers

Spork from a Swede

September 24, 2007


 A gift from Emma and Sara: light, stylish and functional (except mine is pretty in pink!). Interested check out light my fire

Late night unrefined scribbling . . .

May 20, 2007

If we stopped designing stuff what would happen to life as we know it? Cheesey question i know but can we stop or are we now programmed to live in a designed environment with rules and synthetic systems to the point where we could not live without them. We are dependant on it. Look around you and name one thing which hasn’t been designed; look at the health and safety measures that surround you. The reason for excess red tape, is it that because everything is designed therefore having a human designer who by default is not infalable but is made responsible for minor or major incidents that may occur as a result of their design. Designers are not God (although many like to consider themselves as not far off) has the world forgotten this? We have evolved and developed through experimentation not by bubble wrapping people.

reuse and recycle

May 1, 2007

landscape is. advertising!

April 27, 2007

via designer’s block

design is. just so cute!!

April 23, 2007


just an adorable scrap i found on a blog (or flickr) of a girl with a passion for documenting Japanese graffiti.