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inner city snail

June 5, 2008

inner city snail

brilliant and hilarious!

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Friday Late Subterranea

March 31, 2008

Another triumph for the V and A late series. The main event although far from the best was he unveiling of the new V&A tunnel installation (above) by architect CJ Lim. Visitors to the Victoria & Albert Museum in London can now enter the building through a subterranean garden. ‘Seasons through the Looking Glass’, an installation inspired by Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’, is located at the tunnel entrance to the V&A. . . . it was somewhat disappointing

National Art Library
A reading by Sukhdev Sandhu, from his recent book ‘Nighthaunts’, an exploration of nocturnal London and a reflection on the nature of the urban night. Accompanied by music by sonic artist Scanner. . . FANTASTIC the dark library allowed the mind to focus on the voice of the reader so you became completely absorbed by it . . . spine-tingling

The website that preceded the book is beautiful definitely worth a look –

Stephen Walter’s ‘Island’ and ‘Kensington & Chelsea’
Stephen Walter’s intricate mappings of the London landscape where objects and places are slowly taken over by their symbolic representations, creating forests of symbols and places where every inch is mapped and quantified for human purpose. . . AWESOME!


Ben Wilson – Architecture Now ‘up on the roof’

short talk on the future of roof design, accompanied by small display of existing projects



London Lights

March 27, 2008

Recognize this intriguing globular cluster of stars? It’s actually the constellation of city lights surrounding London  (recorded by the International Space Station, February 2003). The fuzziness around the peripheries is caused by either thin, low clouds or perhaps fog.

The lights seen in this image especially the energy supplied to them is causing untold environmental damage to our planet . . . but its so pretty!


After posting this I went to Open City at Somerset House, and what should be the image used on one of the leaflets . . .

advertising at your feet

March 25, 2008

 Quirky advertising on zebra crossings for MTN Company

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Paul Halliday – Urban Detours

March 13, 2008


Paul Halliday, street photographer (although there is some debate as to what he is categorised as) gave a talk on Wednesday (12th March). I was a little unsure of what to expect but for the most part it was a very interesting lecture giving me a glimpse of a subject which I know little of. The main focus was his long-term project based around urban street photography in London.

paul halliday

Battles – Tonto

January 10, 2008

‘A Battles collaboration with celebrated light artists UVA (United Visual Artists), produced by Warp Films (This Is England, Rubber Johnny, Dead Mans Shoes etc).’

UVA previously featured here (volume, installation at the Vand A)

submerged sculpture

December 30, 2007

adapting resource to art – religion by satellite

December 23, 2007

parting the red sea

The work of Australian artists The Glue Society is certainly inventive and I have to say I love it!

Altering satellite views showing what certain Biblical events would have looked like if seen via Google Earth, a brillant and fairly simple idea the resolution of which is fantastic. For example the parting of the red sea (as seen above)


Jen Stark . . . continued

December 16, 2007

While browsing blogs I found PingMag has just posted an interview with Jen Stark who i featured back in October. The interview gives a interesting insight into why’s and how’s of her beautiful paper crafting.


December 15, 2007

Just some books I picked up this week; page layouts to london’s dead and all the ‘isms’ of the avant garde

ibid project, Damien Roach

December 14, 2007

Atmosphere and manipulation of projection

damien Roach

Way out in the east end this small installation was well worth the trip. Completely captivated (and knackered from a long day) I sat on the floor of the gallery in the darkened room watching the projection and listening to soothing sounds that accompanied it, the magic of this piece was created by the most simple of things. A spinning crystal hung in front of the projector refracted the light sending fragments of the images spinning off a across the walls. 

November 26, 2007


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November 7, 2007

picture of the day

October 14, 2007

love Christoph Niemann

Jen Stark

October 12, 2007

coriolis effect by Jen Stark

burst by Jen Stark

Beautiful paper sculpture by Jen Stark

hand cut – true skill and patience!

Reed Danziger

September 30, 2007

 – organic swirls and loops, intense visual indulgence – REED DANZIGERs mixed media paintings – stunning work and an elegant website

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Tunnel House

August 18, 2007

An installation by Dan Havel and Dean Ruck involving a doomed house. >CLICK ME<

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August 15, 2007

picture of the day


August 5, 2007

what is it . . . A beginning? . . . a middle? . . . an end?

it is beautiful though, not just the product but the process and simply the concept of being able to freeze a moment, to create a visual record and then the possibilities that this creates. Is it a good thing that you can now share with the world in seconds your life in pictures? can photography maintain its integrity as an artform in our snap happy world , then you get back to that eternal and most cliche of ‘questions constitutes art’ from which i will steer far away cos there isnt an answer its just opinion and it gets boring!


August 1, 2007


MUTATOES – Simply the most awesome collection of vegetable photography; from twisted tomato to contorted cucumber Uli Westphal celebrates the freaks of the vege world, definately worth a look.

landscape is. advertising!

April 27, 2007

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its all about attitude!

April 27, 2007

interpretion is up to you . .

Friday Late is. at the Vand A

November 25, 2006


A combination of lectures, workshops, performances and installations (and pricey bar) make up this fun monthly event and it is open to everyone. For me, as for many others (evident in the enormous queue) the key event was an installation by United Visual Artists and one point six. Described as ‘an installation that invites you to create a new performance and to consider your relationship with your fellow performance’ it sounds intriguing.  After queuing for what seemed like forever we were allowed onto the installation with a group of about fifteen others where you walk around inside the grid; your movements creating patterns of light and sound that interact with those created by the people around you. A delightful,fun installation that I would definately recommend.