Focus 3 (2006 – 2007)

A real mix of things going on this focus week

Alvar Aalto and the curve @ the Barbican

Cityscape exhibition and ‘Making Places, Spaces’ seminar

Cityscape combined exhibition with conference, seminar and workshop situations; bringing together a wide range of professionals from many different disciplines who have a role in ‘place-making’ and the revitalising of the public realm.

The various exhibitor’s offered a huge amount of information especially to someone like me who is just beginning to get an understanding of the built environment and the players involved. It was also a pleasant experience to be in an environment where people actually knew and understood what a landscape architect does! Oh and while chatting to a guy one of the play equipment stands I was disappointed to discover that children have really vile taste in colours responding best to colours such as a bright pukey yellow/green . . . whywhywhy!!

I also attended a seminar called ‘Making Places from Spaces’, which boasted some very compelling speakers including Jason Prior (EDAW).

Hillier’s Aboretum –

Hillier’s Arboretum – a mission to get to but definiately worth a visit; relaxing, educational and inspirational. Test out your latin names and marvel at the scent of the daphnes. A truely outstanding collection of species provides interest throughout the year; currently the winter garden is the highlight filled with banks of hellebores, colourful clumps of cornus and patchs of white bramble reminescent of the fairytale ‘sleeping beauty’. All followed by cake and tea in the newly built and well designed visitor centre.

Hamble River

hellebore in the winter garden



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