Friday Late Subterranea

March 31, 2008

Another triumph for the V and A late series. The main event although far from the best was he unveiling of the new V&A tunnel installation (above) by architect CJ Lim. Visitors to the Victoria & Albert Museum in London can now enter the building through a subterranean garden. ‘Seasons through the Looking Glass’, an installation inspired by Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’, is located at the tunnel entrance to the V&A. . . . it was somewhat disappointing

National Art Library
A reading by Sukhdev Sandhu, from his recent book ‘Nighthaunts’, an exploration of nocturnal London and a reflection on the nature of the urban night. Accompanied by music by sonic artist Scanner. . . FANTASTIC the dark library allowed the mind to focus on the voice of the reader so you became completely absorbed by it . . . spine-tingling

The website that preceded the book is beautiful definitely worth a look –

Stephen Walter’s ‘Island’ and ‘Kensington & Chelsea’
Stephen Walter’s intricate mappings of the London landscape where objects and places are slowly taken over by their symbolic representations, creating forests of symbols and places where every inch is mapped and quantified for human purpose. . . AWESOME!


Ben Wilson – Architecture Now ‘up on the roof’

short talk on the future of roof design, accompanied by small display of existing projects




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