L.I. Conference: climate change

November 4, 2007

The Landscape Institute conference was a fantastic experience especially as it was free! Definately a brillant opportunity for students as this year 30 places were paid for by the sponsers to allow students the oppportunity to attend this fantastic event.

The experience was a little overwhelming and certainly well worth it. For those not so good at taking notes in lectures the presentations were subquently uploaded to the L.I. website.

The focus of this years conference was climate change.  Speakers presented an enormous diversity of topics from ecotherpy to edible landscapes. Presenting shocking statistics and facts but overall conveying optimisism, ideas and inspiration pushing us to design in more sustainable ways.

Leaving me questioning why we are not putting more effort into be more innovative and forward thinking, I guess they make it sound easier than it really is!

An added bonus was the dinner on day one, which was great for networking. I admit I need to work on this skill! Didnt talk to as many professionals as I should have but had fun chatting to other students from around the country.

the hardy tree, london

It was nice to be in an environment where you arent having to explain landscape architecture every five minutes! And to finish the students were taken on a walk by the fabulous Tim Waterman through the Kings Cross area. The walk included Johh Nash, Cambly Nature Park, a peabody estate and my fav the Hardy Tree   All followed by a well deserved pint  (yes this year is driving me to drink!)


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