Future Labs Talk and Viewpoint clippings

October 31, 2007

Reading the present to predict the future. . .in the age of the individual I find it slightly depressing when we are grouped into statistics, labelled and analysed (which happens more often than I breath, I know, I’m not being naive just optimistic) However, Tuesdays talk by future labs was intense and for the most part fascinating.

What was great was that he was showing designs I was already aware of  . . .so I must be doing something right, and honestly its all down to the very thing I am writing now . . blogs. I love printed journals but on a day to day basis trawling through the plethora of design blogs out there is the fastest way to get up to the minute information from across the globe and across the disciplines.

One of my favourite designs (above) ‘divided’ by swedish designers Front

VIEWPOINT (journal, the Oct 07 issue) 

‘ . . . the new rules of retailing . . .’

‘. . . the LATTE factor . . .’

Essential read – looking at current and future trends , seductive graphics make it accessible even for those with a short concentration span. Food for the creative mind.


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